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I have TS2 fever. I play literally all day and all night, so I haven't made anything for TS in quite a while. I might offer TS2 stuff somewhere eventually, but I'm not sure yet.

The Simage Store donation section will be closing within the next week. If you want to donate for anything there, please do it now. HUGE thanks again to those who have donated in the past. This site wouldn't have made it without your help.

I've been thinking about the site's future and have been making arangements. I'll post again when I know more.

No update this week. This isn't fun anymore. It hasn't been fun in a looooooong time. So why am I doing it? I used to think it was for you guys. The praise and thanks I get from some of you is just... wow. I never thought I could be appreciated by so many people for anything. So maybe that's why. Another reason is I've got obsessive/compulsive disorder and I can't stop! lol Updating on Fridays or Saturdays became an obsession. I HAD TO. Even when I was very sick I'd feel terrible if I missed an update. I loved seeing the site do well. I still do. When you guys liked the open SS curtains.... it was a great feeling. But.... I don't know if I can keep doing this. Or if I even want to. The site's future is kinda up in the air right now.

If you want to contact me, you can post in my forum.

Tealight Cups:

Stone Decor:

Airexurb's first furnished house:

Nine colors of open curtains:

4 Phones:

Requested SHS barrier recolors:

I've decided to start an 'object maker's journal'. It will be a look at the process, the time, and other things involved in making the objects you see on this site. There will be previews too, so check in often.

Object Maker's Journal



A bed from Steph:

Also I've fixed the showers from last week's update.
Please redownload the normal (chrome and gunmetal) and love versions.
8/7/04 - Wow!! The hit counter has passed 250,000!!

New set in the Simage Store!

And because I understand that not everyone can afford to donate, there are 16 new vases in the Decor section.

Also a little note about donations. Some people seem to think it's ok to 'share' files they've paid for. IT IS NOT! None of the creators I know who occasionally charge money for some files make a large profit. Some hardly even cover the cost of running their sites. In my case I can't even support myself (because of illness) and I have to live with my mother. If this site doesn't pay for itself I would be forced to close it. I don't think any of us want that to happen. I'm not demanding money and I am VERY grateful for the donations the site receives, but please show respect and do not share my pay files or those from other sites unless you have the creator's permission.

7/31/04 - This is mostly Steph's turn this week. She's got a really cute kids' room, the High Tide set. I've got a pair of lamps made from a great model by Auntie Cogaulant. Thanks for letting me simmify them. :)

Simage Homes is nominated for Best Decor at Simbella's Hangout. Please vote for us. Many of my affiliates are nominated too, in various categories. Please vote for them too and good luck girls! :D

7/24/04 - Lotsa stuff! First off, Steph has made 4 more colors of her Lisa set and updated one of the files from the original. And I've gone on one of my color binges again. 16 colors of the new Potocco chair and there are more coming!

7/17/04 - 8 sofas with a cool teardrop shape.

If you tried to redownload the fixed Hopi loveseat last week and got a corrupted zip, please redownload it.... again.

7/10/04 - Small update this time. A requested aquarium and I fixed a problem with the black loveseat with pillows from the last update. Please redownload it.

6/25/04 - 6 more pieces of Hopi seating, in black.

Another nomination! Simage Homes is up for Best Decor for the month of May at Simbella's Hangout! Please vote for us! 6/18/04 - 8 mirrors. They fit together for a seamless look.

Another nomination! Simage Homes is up for Best Decor for the month of May at Simbella's Hangout! Please vote for us!

And it's fairly obvious, but the site looks slightly different. I'm thinking of making more changes, but... little at a time. lol There's a new button to match the new look, and it doesn't suck quite as much as my old buttons.

If you haven't voted for Innookshook yet... do it! : P Her site Simshousestyle is nominated for Best Objects at Sim Moms!! Please vote for her. She deserves it and I really want her to win this. I love her work.

6/12/04 - Hooray for Steph!! She just started recoloring not too long ago... and now she's doing 3D!! I'm sooooo proud of her!! Check out her first set, the Lisa set!

And I've got a buttload of stuff this week. The new Drei set, more seating for the Fika set, and white seating.

If you haven't voted for Innookshook yet... do it! : P Her site Simshousestyle is nominated for Best Objects at Sim Moms!! Please vote for her. She deserves it and I really want her to win this. I love her work.

6/4/04 - My first original set on this site!! Plus two extra lamps.

And it's voting time again... not for me, but for Innookshook! Her site Simshousestyle is nominated for Best Objects at Sim Moms!! Please vote for her. She deserves it and I really want her to win this. I love her work.

5/28/04 - Lotsa stuff today! 30 objects in all! I got the recoloring bug again and made 20 colors of this awesome chair from my wonderful affliate Simshousestyle. Steph has 4 sofas. I also made 6 lamps, inspired by a real one from Ligne Roset.

And... speaking of affiliates... I have a new one! I'm thrilled to now have Mish Mish Sims' button over there. Yay! I loooove Yasmin's stuff and she was so helpful when I was first learning 3D. Thank you so much Yasmin!!

5/21/04 - Another new section opens today, the Simage Store. My first donation sets consist of 18 sleek, curvy leather sofas. They are quite possibly the best things I have ever made. Please take a look and consider donating.

And I do have a regular (free) update this week too, 9 varieties of a vase trio.

Also... wow... 200,000 hits as of last week!

5/14/04 - Exciting stuff today! The first and most obvious is the new location! No more damn banner ads!
Second is a new staff member! Steph has been a friend of mine for a while now and her Yahoo group Kaleidoscope is almost out of space. When she told me she was just gonna quit when the space ran out... I couldn't let that happen. So now she's here! Yay! I really can't wait to see what she'll come up with!
The most exciting for you guys is probably the stuff though, so I'll get on with it. Steph made the coolest MM bakers ovens using the wall ovens from Mermaid Cove! And there are 4 low-hanging ceiling lamps from me.

You might also have noticed that the navigation bar is kinda different. hopefully it's now easier to use.

5/7/04 - Ok... hopefully the last update before the site moves to a real host. lol A whole new page of decor and 8 new plants.

Oh... and some links to the stuff on Fateback might be messed up right now. 5/5/04 - Happy Cinco de Maio I guess. Little mini update this time. A version of the 2-story lamp going the opposite way.

This month one of my Yahoo groups, The Runoff, is up for Best Yahoo Group at Sim Dream Homes. Please vote here (must be signed in).

5/5/04 - Update on the hosting situation:
If everything goes as planned the site will be moving on or around 5/14. This mirror will remain up because it would just be too much hassle to take it down. lol

5/1/04 - Lamps this time around. Some curvy gooseneck floor lamps (which will curve over chairs in some rotations) and a 2-story ceiling lamp that I had almost finished last year... and then just kinda... put away. Thanks Lynn for making me finish it and Maryann for your help last year. :)

Plus several file updates. If you downloaded the transparent dining chair packs, I have revised the black and white from each set. Please redownload A, B, and C.

And.... last but not least... another nomination! This month one of my Yahoo groups, The Runoff, is up for Best Yahoo Group at Sim Dream Homes. Please vote here (must be signed in).

4/23/04 - This time I've got the ultra-modern Defy Tables, some candle dishes, and 4 single beds.

And thanks everyone who voted for my site for Best Free Site for the month of April at Sim Moms.... but I got my ass kicked. : (
Congrats, Simprover!!

4/16/04 - 50 new original objects! I've been enjoying the 3D stuff so much that I kinda got carried away. I made so many new chairs I had to make 3 new pages in the Seating section to hold them all. You can get them here, here, here, and at the bottom of the page here. And 20 vases.

4/9/04 - I'm so excited!! I'm learning how to use the Anim8or 3D program. This week's update is all things I've made myself either from my own models or dowloaded free models. There are several decor items of my own design (many more coming soon), simple modern pet dishes (also original), and dining chairs.

4/2/04 - Anyone who knows my work knows that I fixate on an object sometimes and wind up making it in every imaginable color. It's happened again! I love Yasmin's vase and pillows combo so much that I made 40 of them! And 10 of another of Yasmin's beautiful vase sets. Get all 50 here.

Simage Homes is also nominated for two awards!! I'm so excited! Please vote for Simage Homes for Best Free Sims Site at Sim Moms and Best Objects at D'Andrea's.

3/26/04 - BIG update today! Lynn made a really cool house for me! Thanks again Lynn!

And... 35 objects! Wicker outdoor seating, a variety of lamps, some dressers, and the Hush bedroom.

*note* The Hush bedroom is a recolor of one of Giselle's sets from Fashion Show. She doesn't allow recolors anymore, but was kind enough to let me release this last set that I had already made. I really really appreciate it, Giselle!! :)

3/19/04 - New bedroom set, Traditional Harmony.

Oh!! And a new affiliate, Josefina's Simshouses. Jos makes some of the best paintings and rugs I've ever seen. I hope you can see the link on the left.... stupid banners get in the way.

3/12/04 - I am having serious hosting issues and can no longer update The next few updates will probably be posted at this location. I hope to move the site to a new host within the next month.

This week's update is fairly small, 6 modern window blinds. Thanks again, Giselle. :D

2/27/04 - I love Innookshook!!!!!! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. lol Her site, Simshousestyle , has been my affiliate for a long time. I'm really amazed when some people tell me they've never been there. It's a really great site, and her work is very simple and modern, one of my favorite styles. If you've never been there before, GO! Now!

This week's update is 6 sofas, 6 rugs, 12 orchids, and a potted fern.

Now before I get emails telling me that XM Sims has changed their recolor policy... I know. I made the plants with permission, before the policy was changed. As far as I know, it's ok to post them.

Oh yeah... I forgot. I've also been working on fixing the broken links on some of the oldest stuff on the site. All of the rugs should now be downloadable.

2/20/04 - Feels like I've been thanking people a lot recently. lol This time it's Giselle from Fashion Show who I need to thank. She has allowed me to recolor one of her bedroom sets. You can find my new Zella set here.

2/13/04 - A whole year! Wow... I can't believe I've been doing this for a whole year! Running this site has just been such a great experiance for me. What started out as a project to keep me busy while I'm sick has turned into something I really love doing. I know I just did a big thank you kinda thing when the hit counter passed 100,000, but I meant it. Everyone's been so good to me. I feel really lucky.

I've got a new affiliate to announce! Bella from Simbella asked me... what else could I say but yes? She runs a great site, and I'm reallt thrilled to have her as my affiliate and friend.

And last but not least.... 46 new objects!! Beds, rugs, vases, and chairs. Enjoy! :D

2/6/04 - Three cheers for the amazing Sandy of ATS!!! She's allowed me to recolor her beautiful Athenia Bedroom! Thanks again, Sandy!! You can find my Xixia set here.

1/30/04 - Just two things this time, but they're big. You can get the White Witchcraft and Black Magic beds here. They don't require MM!

This site has also recently passed a milestone, 100,000 hits!! I'm stunned. When I first opened Simage Homes almost a year ago I never dreamed it could be as popular as it has become. I have to thank everyone who's ever given me help, inspiration, encouragement, praise, recoloring permission, promoted my site, downloaded and enjoyed my work.... EVERYONE!! You've all been so great. Thanks again to everyone who has helped make this such a wonderful experiance for me.

1/16/04 - More sets! Part 2 of the Impulse Set and the new Stacey set can be found here. Also extra sofas.

1/2/04 - New year, new look, new stuff! And lots of it!
First off, with many thanks to Shoukeir of SuperSims, the Gavin and Impulse (Pt 1) livingroom sets. Then a million thanks to Sandy of ATS for allowing me to recolor the lamp from her Check Livingroom. And last, 8 new walls.

Ok, I lied. That wasn't all. I also have to thank Best of Net Sims for adding me to their list of sites. I'm honored. ...can't seem to find a working link to them though.

12/5/03 - Big update!! 12 lamps, 11 screens, and 15 vases.

11/21/03 - A rarity.... I did a set, the Ursula Set . It's a bedroom of course.
Thanks again to Shoukeir for permission to recolor and Airexurb for the idea.
That's not all. I also FINALLY managed to fix the SS curtains so they'll
show up in the game... I hope. *NOTE* They will not replace the orignals.

AND I'm really honored. Simage Homes has been added to The "B" List.
You should know about HoneyB's site already. She provides a really great
service by listing what she feels are the best free download sites. Her
results are described, categorized, and everything. Thanks again HoneyB.

11/14/03 - I'm thrilled to finally bring you the bed that was meant to
be last week's update. You can find the MM canopy bed in Silverblue here.
Also some Autumn trees and the coffeetable that everyone at LS seems
to like so much. It still bleeds through the wall, but not as badly.

10/31/03 - Wow... I went from every update having rugs to almost no rugs.
There are new rugs this time, the Moneran collection. New tables too.

10/23/03 - I went on another recolor binge! 12 new colors of the Studio
Sim agua sofa here. Also 4 lamps and another version of the fruit paintings.

10/19/03 - *RECALL!* If you downloaded the red Gothic Repose bed in the
past two days please redownload it. Sorry for any trouble.

10/17/03 - Happy Halloween!!!! Yeah, kinda early, I know...
Vist my Halloween Page for a variety of ghoulish goodies!

10/10/03 - The new Japanese dragon fountain from DD was love at
first sight for me. I had to recolor it. You'll find bronze and
stone here. I also finally got around to doing more of the pet-
friendly Vacation Island Lots

10/1/03 - My first update this fall has a kinda Autumnal flavor
Check out the bed and the fruit paintings. There's a mural too.

9/21/03 - Well... I meant to update on Friday, but I've been sick. It's
a smallish update because of that. Five new rugs, the Waaavy set.

Also, I've gotta say I'm really sickened by the behavior of some people.
So many simmers are really cool, fun, respectful people... but a noisy
minority are loud-mouth, shit-stirring, ingrates. One bad egg, as they say...

It really amazes me that anyone could have any kind of contact with some
of the community's amazing talents and not feel respect and gratefulness.
It totally stuns me. Is it possible to be that.... small??

9/12/03 - To start things off, I have to thank Cheerful again for
making something I requested... a telescope with no aliens!!!
You can find the original and a blue version here.
More SS seating too! Two new shades, ecru and hazelnut.

9/6/03 - Oops.... the loveseats from yesterday don't seem to show up in
the game. I fixed them. They should work now. If they don't, let me know.
The file names on the fixed versions are different, so delete the
old ones if they do not work for you. I'm really sorry about that.
Click here and here to redownload.

9/5/03 - New layout!! I know I can't be the only one who was getting
majorly sick of the gray. This is more autumnal too. I'm not 100%
finished yet, so if something looks weird.... laugh. :P

Nothing major as far as updates go... recolors of the SS modern seating in
4 sizes and 10 new floors.

8/29/03 - I'm back from my unintentional 2 week break.
There's a bunch of new stuff though. My first matching set,
some plants, and an unfurnished version of Ontwerp Wazalta.

8/15/03 - It's been so long since I posted a new house.
Lately a more apporpriate name for the site would be Simage Rugs.
But.... I finished a new house! And in only a month. That's
record time for me. (lol) Ontwerp Wazalta is now up!

I'd also like to thank everyone who wished the site a happy
anniversary. Thanks again! :)

8/13/03 - Something to celebrate... Simage Homes is 6 months old today!
And what am I celebrating with? Stuff, stuff, and more stuff!!

There's a recolor of Holly's fantastic Cantonia bed, SS tables for
TS in six colors, 5 new rugs, 10 cute little ceiling lamps, and 8 SS curtains.

The bed and curtains are on my mirror site.
Links will open in a new window.

Are you still here?

This site's also approaching another milestone, 25,000 hits!
I'd like to thank everyone who's had even the slightest hand in its
success. It's done better than I ever imagined. Thank you.

8/9/03 - Is it just me, or am I going rug crazy lately??
Four more today. :)

8/5/03 - Big update! Twelve new rugs!!

7/22/03 - Another version of the Asian bed is ready! Seven new rugs too! :)
There are also two new house previews in my forum.

7/11/03 - Sorry about the lack of updates. I was having major
computer issues. But I'm back now. :) And I've got a new bed!

6/25/03 - Two more wonderful sites have become my affiliates!
Simshousestyle has some very unique (and cool!) modern style objects
and Lisim Creations is home to many innovative design touches, including
a built-in fishtank!

And I have a small update. Four new rugs.

6/14/03 - Looks a tiny bit different here, huh? lol
This is the biggest update I've done in a while. Tonight I added
a total of 11 objects. That's HUGE for this site. You'll find 4 new
candles and 7 new rugs. That makes 11, right? lol

I know some older things are missing from the site, and I'm working on
that. For the time being, you can get them at one of the mirror sites.

6/7/03 - First I wanna announce my new affilate, Tribecca Sims.
Becca's got a great site, with some very cool modern homes,
walls, and floors, etc. If you haven't been there yet... GO! Now! :P
On to the update....
It was brought to my attention that the zip for Verre
was missing. Sorry about that. It's fixed now. I
also made some new rugs and I fixed the Microbrews
so they don't split in the smaller zooms.

5/23/03 - Verre Asiatique is finally done!!! After almost a YEAR of work
here it is! Finally!!! I updated the unfurnished version too.

5/22/03 - Paintings! 8 of them. They're microscopy images of beers and
other 'potent potables'. Also some cute, simple hanging lamps.
All of the 5/9 update is now avilable.

5/19/03 - Well first the good news... New house!! Recycled Dreams is
now available. Thanx again to koratgirl for the winning name.
Also a recolored UL lamp and a new wall.

One of the files on the shopping list for the new house was part of the
update that isn't here. You can find the Dual Dots rug here.

On to the not so good news. Running a site is really trying my
patience lately. This is supposed to be fun, isn't it?
That's why we do this, right? Well I haven't been having much
fun with it lately. Running a free Sims site is.... frustrating
at its best. Free hosts.... SUCK. But I've got no other choice.
I refuse to ever make anyone pay for my stuff (I don't think it's
even worth paying for), and I can't pay hosting fees myself. I've
run sites before, so I knew what I was getting myself into. I
guess I'd just forgotten what a chore it is. I'm not closing the
site, so don't worry. I'm just venting.

[The 5/9 update isn't available on the Fateback site.
That's part of the reason I'm grumpy.]

5/9/03 - Bunch of new stuff today! The Incognito dresser and bookcase, 2
Roy Lichtenstein paintings, and 2 rugs.
The house that was so close to being ready..... has had
another problem. It won't be out for a while yet. Luckily,
I've got another that's almost done. So it's still almost new
house time... just a different house.

5/2/03 - Another pair of loveseats and a painting. It's been so quiet
around here because I keep getting distracted by various projects.
It's almost new house time again. ;) One of the previewed houses
is almost ready.

4/25/03 - Today I bring you objects! Flickering candles in 4 more colors
and a pair of very simple (recolored) loveseats.

Also, I noticed that the Aqua and Seamist Padded Fabric walls were
almost exactly the same. Seamist is now lighter and more green. Please
redownload the Pastel set.

4/21/03 (Again!) - The tiles I promised are ready, and some padded walls in
pastels. wifeofacostie, I'm not sure if that's what you
wanted, and I'm still trying.

4/21/03 - By request I've made floors to match the Padded Walls. So far
You'll find carpets and padded floors. Tiles will also be added soon.

Also, I'm really honored, the amazing Michaela made a gorgeous house using
several of my walls. You can see it here.

4/18/03 - 20 New walls of padded fabric. I must be crazy. haha
Actually, they're inspired by something they did on Trading Spaces.

4/16/03 - My first original objects!! Candles!
I also reorganized the Walls section again.There's a
new wall/floor set, and I fixed several of the painted walls.
Please redownload them.
Plus I fixed the link for the Signature Gray walls too.
Sorry about that.

4/11/03 - 24 more walls and floors, this time they're tile
with a double-glazed look. New 3x1 carpet runners in Rugs also.
I fixed the broken link for the Sparse Floral rug too. Sorry about that.

4/10/03 - 61 new walls!!! They're made to look like plain paint,
but have a slight texture for a more realistic look. They look much
better in the game than they do on the site.

4/2/03 - I'm back up at Fateback with... six new rugs!! Five have a
botanical theme, which oddly enough I didn't plan when I made
them. The sixth has stripes.
And I really can't believe my counter... almost 3000! Wow!

3/27/03 - I'd like to welcome my 2nd guest artist, Airexurb. She made
two very cool unfurnished houses which can be found here and here.
I made 11 rugs with a wide woven texture. They can
be found on the new Rugs page.
I also have to say, I'm totally floored by the sheer number of people
who have visited my site in the past week or two. Thanx!
More new previews in the forum too!

3/19/03 - New house for you guys today! The Dent House, named
for a family featured in a story I stopped doing. lol
Also, and this is a fairly big also..... paintings!
So you're thinking... 'what's so big about paintings?' I
tmoged 'em! I just started a couple of days ago, so they're
not the best ever, but....
Oh, and I put up some previews and a poll in the forum.

3/16/03 - I told you to expect more tiles.... and now bricks too!
I made so many walls and floors yesterday that I had to redo the
Walls section. The new walls are on pages 1 and 2.
I also moved the two wall packs by my guests to the new walls
section of the Guest Artists page, if you need to find them.

3/15/03 - Today's my sister's birthday!
Anyway... Almost like being hit over the head, I realized how easy
it is to make tiles. So I threw together a little set of 2 walls
and a floor in my favorite color, red.
Expect more of these, it's fun.

3/12/03 - Nothing big... five new walls. New houses are on their
way sometime soon.

3/10/03 - I'm proud to announce my first affiliate, Au Revoir! Rich makes
great houses and unlike me, he's skilled enough to make objects and skins.

3/5/03 - The Future Past house that I previewed in the forum ages
ago is finally done! I've also added an unfurnished version of Verre Asiatique
a house that I swear is trying to drive me nuts. I've been working on this thing
since the summer!

2/27/03 - Nothing new today, just added better pics of the new walls.

2/25/03 - New walls in the new section... Walls.

2/19/03 - OK... it occurs to me that I shouldn't have done that update with
a fever. I think I've fixed all of my stupid errors now.

2/18/03 - Check out the Ultra Lounge house by my guest artist Modesty Blaize!
You'll find it under "Guest Artist". She also made some walls and paintings,
in "Other Stuff". I also made 3 pet-friendly Vacation lots.

2/13/03 - Simage Homes is offically open!! There are 5 items available to
download, 3 houses, a painting, and a pair of walls.

2/8/03 - There's nothing to download here yet, but you'll find previews and a
poll about the site's opening date in the forum.
Click here to go straight to the poll. Home Comments? Questions? Visit the Simage Inc Forum.