On hiatus.

4:07pm - It's good enough to show off now:

Soooo many people have helped me with this thing. I've gotta thank Inge Jones, Jo from Simposium, DeeDee, and Eero. And everyone who put up with my confusion at Seabree's and N99. lol
Hopefully it will be done by the end of this week, but I still have a lot to do to it.

9:43am - Back to work on my project. If all goes well there may be a preview in here today.

8am - My neighbors SUCK!! I've had about 4 hours of sleep and now they're out there with some kind of damn truck in MY driveway. They parked my mother in and she had to go to work. Wish they had their own damn driveway. grrrrrr

Anyway... the 'secret project' is coming along, with a lot of help. I should be previewing it here pretty soon and it might be available as early as next week! :D

This week though... well... I don't have anything yet! lol My project kept me busy on Tuesday, I wasn't able to work on anything yesterday for various reasons... so this week... well you'll see something from me, but I'm not sure what. Steph and Nichole have stuff though.

4pm - Distractions distractions... and too much damn forum drama! Bleh. Anyway... tmogging time..

3:17pm - Back to work! :D I had a good Simming weekend though. So good that it had to include Monday too. Built and mostly furnished a house and I really love how it's turning out. I might even put it on the site some day. I've gotta post a 'job listing' somewhere for a shopping list maker. I just don't have the time to do them myself. Objects are higher priority. Actually... while it's fresh in my mind.... back in a bit. lol

And the curtains were a smash hit! :D Thanks Nichole and thanks everyone who downloaded them.

5pm - Finally done! :D The curtains took about a day and a half of just moving the coordinates around, testing, moving, testing, moving, testing, etc.

I do this by taking screenshots and counting out the pixel size of the displacement. Then I write it down, adjust in tmog and test again.

Boooooring! But.... I'm pleased with the result and I hope you will be too.

12:14pm - *places nose back against grindstone* Gotta finish the curtains today so I can make the rest of the colors.

midnight - Goodnight. Fronts of the curtains are done so far... tomorrow the backs.

10:09pm - Curtain time again. They're really coming together.

1:12pm - Ok.. back to bed. *yawn*

12:16pm - Do I ever choose sleep? lol I'm working on these curtains instead:

Hopefully they'll be ready by Friday.

8:43am - The phones are 'done'. They still need to be checkd for GUID conflicts and given descriptions, all that fiddly little shit. But they're essentially done. Didn't do purple. Not sure if I want to get back to my big project or make some lamps... or sleep. Soooo damn tired!! :(

8:20am - Apparently it takes longer for the hot dogs to boil than for me to eat them. 8 minutes from ketchup to putting the plate in the sink. Back to the phones again. I've got 9 colors.... might do purple too, dunno.

7:56am - I really wish sometimes that I didn't have to eat. lol Life would be so much easier if eating was optional. I'd get so much more done! And there isn't much to eat. So... hot dogs for breakfast I think....

7:05am - Phones! There really aren't many original phones out there... why? They're not that hard to make. I spent maybe.... 5 hours yesterday on this phone:

Five hours is pretty short compaired to most things. Some of my work takes weeks of tinkering, adjusting, testing. The hardest part of the making of this phone (aside from the tedium of fixing the edges of the render) was testing it in the game, waiting for it to ring. lol

Now I'm working on more colors. Some of them are kinda... ugly, so they'll most likely wind up at The Runoff.

I'm also working on a pseudo-secret project. Something requested at Simbella's Hangout... it's just taken me disgustingly long to get to it. Requests are hard sometimes because you want to get it just right for the person who wanted it. Pressure. And I know most people are happy with anything kinda similar to their request... but I hate letting people down.

I've been ripped off. Some of you might have read my rant about a site that's 'sharing' pay files. They got me.

I want all of you to know, yet again, that I am sick. I have serious allergies and chronic sinus infections. I'm on antibiotics at least 5 times every year, including right now. I wake up tired. I always have a headache. I'm usually dizzy. Constant discomfort, frequent pain. I get earaches that make me want to scream they hurt so much. For the entire history of this site I have been sick. It is not an easy way to live and there are days I wish I didn't have to be awake, didn't have to be in pain and feel exhaustion from the moment I wake up.

Yet with very few exceptions I've put this site ahead of my own comfort. I bust my ass to update every week. Because I want to share my work with the people who appreciate it. Because I want my site to do well. I stay up later than I should. Sometimes I work until I feel like I'm going to collapse.. because I want to make things I hope you will enjoy. I love making objects and I thought I was respected as a creator.

To know that someone would directly go against me and rip me off.... I'm disappointed and hurt. I have made over 900 objects and only 48 of them are for donators only. It's a slap in the face to know that someone would steal from me. To know that my work, WEEKS of my work, my frustration, my lack of sleep.... means so little to someone that they would give it away freely. I work SO hard on my donation sets, worrying that they are not good enough, fussing over every little fuckin detail.... just so some jerkwad can disrespect me by undermining the only means by which I can support this site? How fuckin fair is that?

I want to give you a view of WHY I have to charge for some things. Simage Homes currently takes up 120mb of server space. In mid-May I reclocated to this new host to bring you a site with all of my objects in the same place, no banner ads or popups, an easy url, and which never goes down because its out of bandwidth. This site used 13.9gb of bandwidth, had 11,534 visits, and a total of 616,106 page hits that month. In June it used 42.1gb of bandwidth, had 27,204 visits, and a total of 1,695,119 page hits. In July it used 31.5gb of bandwidth, had 23,546 visits, and a total of 1,607,723 page hits. And so far for August it has used 31.0gb of bandwidth, had 21,994 visits, and a total of 1,560,157 page hits. I'd host it for free and never charge anyone money for anything if I could, but as you can see... that's not possible. If this site is going to exist I have to charge for the occasional donation set. I keep my prices as low as possible and provide you with the highest quality I can. How sweet of you rip me off. Thanks again.

I'm going back to bed.