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My houses would be empty without the wonderful creations of these sites:
(In no particular order)

And many, many others
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I also have many more people to thank:

My affiliates!
For helping this site make a name for itself,
sharing success, and for your aid and friendship.

All of the regulars at the SimFreaks Forum
For your support and opinions

All of the regulars at the NTS Forum

The many helpful and inspiring people at N99
For all kinds of stuff. lol

The regulars at the saddly closed Liquid Stars
For inspiration, encouragement,
and a general good time.

Tons of you at Simbella's Hangout.
It's really become my home.

My wonderfull guests Modesty & Airexurb
For everything, not just the stuff. lol

For joining the site.

Anyone who's ever tested an object for me.
For your courage. lol

Kathie Hansen
Thanks yet again for the walls

Nisa (sp?) of Simmily
I'm glad your site is staying open,
I'd rather see your walls and floors there

labec and uninvited10
For all of your finds

My family and friends, especially my mother
For puting up with my constant babble about the site

And Maxis/EA Games, of course

Hope I didn't forget anyone....

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