Simage Homes - Eclectic Elegance Shopping List

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Kitchen Computer Room Living Room Bathroom
Landing Master Bedroom 2nd Bedroom Build Mode Outside Walls & Floors
Object Creator File name Where To Find
counters Shoukeir marblecounters.iff SuperSims
stove, fridge Maxis n/a LL
lamp James jneutrallamp.iff NuclearSim
cigar box Heather sfhcAphrodisiaCB.iff Sim Freaks (Freebie)
vase pktechgirl pktg_thaivasesm.iff Juniper Sun
table Dincer dhxmastable.iff Dincer's
chairs Maxis n/a TS
flowers Sandy ATS_XmasGift_flowervase#3.iff Around The Sims (Special Donation Gift)
wine Xomtek xombottles5.iff Xomtek
endtables Moni louistablesend872506.iff Moni's Sims - Closed
Computer Room
Object Creator File name Where To Find
roman desk unknown romantable.iff Roman Sims
asian desk Jessica jessredasiandesk2.iff Nonniville - Closed
bench Theresa Fernandez sftfoorchrdhpechstTS.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
pet bed Camilla nts_vl_petbedred.iff NightTime Sims
desk chair Maxis n/a HD?
large book computer Ophelia o3libraryjournal.iff Ophelia's Little Page About the Sims
plant SunAir saobj376wgvase529846.iff SunAirSims
small antique tv David Goss sfdgtabletvold.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
paper floor lamp Dincer dhcontjapaneselamp01.iff Dincer's
red table lamp Byline Belife BASeasonRedTableLamp.iff n/a
laptop computer BriAnna WDSHONFnotebooktitanium.iff Well Dressed Sim (Pay Site)
stool with books Sandy ATS_Marroco_cushionbook.iff Around The Sims
Living Room
Object Creator File name Where To Find
TV Cabinet 8DS/STP Carly STP_8DS_AmoireTV.iff 8th Deadly Sim (Pay Site)
floor candles pktechgirl pktg_oakcandlestand.iff Juniper Sun
bookcase w/candles Sunair saobj185RWbookcaseC155870.iff SunAirSims
endtables BriAnna WDSHDRLtblend.iff Well Dressed Sim (freebie)
Indian bookcase Sandy ATS_Indian_bookcase#2.iff Around The Sims
crocodile loveseat Christina ccacrocodileloveseat.iff Sims Interior Designs
brown leather sofa PJ sfpjbrownleathersofa.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
Indian painting pktechgirl pktg_art49d.iff Juniper Sun
anatomical prints Zzziana musepaintingbio1ll.iff, musepaintingbio2ll.iff, musepaintingbio3ll.iff Sim Muse
red painting pktechgirl pktg_art031gdq.iff Juniper Sun
table lamp Louisa ccaluisasasiatictablelamp.iff Sims Interior Design
print chair Maxis n/a Unleashed
rug Kyoen BNJ_lvrug04.iff BNJ X LVR
Object Creator File name Where To Find
toilet Heather & Tiffany sfcluehctr2ndupbathtoilet.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
lamp Natalia natbellwalllamp2.iff The Sims Resource (Pay Site)
shower/tub Maxis n/a Unleashed
sink Christina ccaantiquesinkb.iff Sims Interior Designs
mirror PJ sfcluepjmedicinecabinet.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
2nd Floor Landing
Object Creator File name Where To Find
cabinet Byline Belife BAGreenWoodSpiceCabinet.iff n/a
ikat wallhangings Simorphor simophorikat01.iff, simophorikat03.iff, simophorikat02.iff Simorphor
painting Heather sfpChinese003.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
wall lamp PJ sfpjjapanesewalllantern.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
ceiling lamp Pepti pepti_jp_lantern.iff Sim Person Date Club
backless chair Sunair saobj402cchair412683.iff SunAirSims
labyrinth table Sandy ATS_CordesNature_labyrinth.iff Around The Sims (donation file)
easel Shokir easel758903.iff SuperSims
short bookcase Sandy ATS_CordesNature_bookcase#4.iff Around The Sims (donation file)
books on floor Ikbod compactencyclopedia.iff Ikbod's Sims
plant Savage Sims SavageSet_Vase.iff Savage Sims
sofa Maxis n/a SV
violin Kyoen baraxViolin1.iff Barairo no Jinsei
little ottoman Mariana marswalnutstool.iff Mariana's Sims
Chinese chair Sunair saobj92MingChairA082875.iff SunAirSims
Master Bedroom
Object Creator File name Where To Find
bed Dincer rosewoodbed.iff Dincer's
endtable Lizzi lzcartlandkitchenendtable.iff Simzalabim
red lamp Christina ccaorientlampred.iff Sims Interior Design
box (alarm clock) pktechgirl pktg_obj38clock.iff Juniper Sun
chest (dresser) Heather sfcluehcplumsChest.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
plant Sandy ATS_Indian_vase.iff Around The Sims
table w/drawers Secret Sims 1hstombtablesendchest.iff SecretSims
lamp Libby libjapaneselantern.iff n/a
arm chair Christina ccaleatherchair.iff Sims Interior Design (donation gift)
Tibetan dresser pktechgirl pktg_tibetgonpo.iff Juniper Sun
monsoon bench & chair Simorphor simophorsofasbay01.iff, simophorchairsbay01.iff Simorphor
mirror Sandy ATS_Indian_mirror.iff Around The Sims
books on floor Zzziana museantiquesculpturebooks.iff Sim Muse
Roman lamp Roman Sims fancyoillamp.iff Roman Sims
boxes pktechgirl pktg_paintedboxes.iff Juniper Sun
Japanese dresser Louisa ccaluisasdresser1.iff Sims Interior Design
pet bed Camilla nts_vl_petbedred.iff NightTime Sims
chair unknown vsdeluxechair.iff Valkyrie Sims
trunk (bookcase) Starz StarzTSOTrunk.iff n/a
small shelf Sandy ATS_Indian_shelf.iff Around The Sims
2nd Bedroom
Object Creator File name Where To Find
bed SecretSims 1hsbedtimebed.iff SecretSims
bookcase SunAir saobj337wbookcase079005.iff SunAirSims
teddybear Sandy ATS_Toy_teddybear#1.iff Around The Sims
dresser Louisa ccaluisasasiaticdresser.iff Sims Interior Design
table in corner Secret Sims 1hs1mylivingtablesend.iff SecretSims
chocolates Sandy ATS_Food_chocolates#10.iff Around The Sims
desk Rachel rachorientdesk.iff Trinkets & Treasures
chair NttChris sfnttchrisDinchairExecNobackHD.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
dolls Sandy ATS_Toy_rabbit&bear.iff Around The Sims
lovesteat Korray kpunleashlivingsofa1.iff Simarray Fashions
floor lamp SecretSims 1hs1mylivingfloorlamp.iff SecretSims
ceiling lamp Christina ccarhanginglampwhite.iff Sims Interior Design
bookcase Sunair saobj184RWbookcaseB155870.iff SunAirSims
Dali painting Damage Inc356 (me) dmgdali1.iff Simage Homes
alarm clock Rachel rachclock01.iff Trinkets & Treasures
Build Mode Objects
Object Creator File name Where To Find
small windows Jerry & Heather sfasrwindiamondchrywd.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
large windows Christina ccawindowsffrenchsmall.iff Sims Interior Design
exterior doors Raveena RavCarvedDoor.iff The Sims Resource (Pay Site)
stairs Christina ccastairshelfunderneathwood.iff Sims Interior Design
Object Creator File name Where To Find
gold pool ladder Zzziana nts_zzz_avabathpoolladder_ts.iff NightTime Sims
fence, thick Maxis n/a TS
fence, lattice Party Sims psxcherrywoodlaticefence.iff Party Sims
lamps at door Christina ccajapwalllatern.iff Sims Interior Design
persimmon tree Koromo KPersimmonTree.iff Persimmon Grove
tall statues pktechgirl pktg_balidancer.iff Juniper Sun
grill Maxis n/a HD?
table Libby libcontinentaltable2.iff n/a
wicker loveseats Koromo KWickerLoveSeat.iff Persimmon Grove
potted plants Koromo KPottedPalm.iff, KPottedShrub.iff, KPottedNertera.iff, KPottedPalm.iff Persimmon Grove
tiki torches Maxis n/a House Party?
chair SunAir saobj336wchair719973.iff SunAirSims
wall lamp PJ sfpjjapanesewalllantern.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
tiki torches Maxis n/a HP?
yellow flowered plant Theresa Fernandez sftfYellowFlowers.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
misc. plants, trees, and groundcover pktechgirl (Ultima Online plant pack) Juniper Sun
hosta (long leaved plant) Theresa Fernandez sftfYardPlant1.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
rocks Koromo KRiverStonesWithWeeds.iff Persimmon Grove
Japanese fountain PJ sfpjzenfountain.iff Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
white pots Sweetie sculptures863870.iff Alle meine Sims
(Extra/Hot Date/Stadtschloss/Blumenladen)
big terra cotta pot Koromo KPotLow.iff Persimmon Grove
ladder Koromo KLadderLeaning.iff Persimmon Grove
gardening plots Maxis n/a Unleashed
coped flowers Maxis n/a Hot Date
Walls & Floors
Description Creator File name Where To Find
exterior brick wall pktechgirl pktg_flrwll-set22a.wll Juniper Sun
kitchen wall Christina ccaclassicalana4.wll Sims Interior Design
livingroom wall Camilla VonLind_floral.wll NightTime Sims
bathroom wall Angel eastside1.wll unknown
bathroom floor
wooden floor SM Lust smlfloor46i.flr 8th Deadly Sim (Pay Site)
computer room wall Kathie Hansen kath_whiteredtile.wll Simage Homes
carpet in computer room SM Lust smlfloor45b.flr 8th Deadly Sim (Pay Site)
exterior stone Maxis n/a unknown
exterior walkway Maxis n/a Hot Date
2nd floor landing wall Maxis n/a Unleashed
2nd floor landing floor SM Lust smlfloor45g.flr 8th Deadly Sim (Pay Site)
master bedroom wall Heather sfhcOldOrchard-01.wll Sim Freaks (Pay Site)
master bedroom floor SM Lust smlfloor45f.flr 8th Deadly Sim (Pay Site)
2nd bedroom wall Maxis n/a Hot Date?
2nd bedroom floor Heather sfberDeepTan.flr Sim Freaks (Pay Site)